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Meet our pastor

Name: Garth Wesley “Bingle’o, Heckman
Marital Status: Married 33 years to Kim Heckman
2 Children: Ryan (29) married to Carissa Heckman, Reese Heckman 25 years old (he’s single ladies)
2 Grandkids: Malachi and Addison
Profession: In Ministry 34 years
Favorite superhero: The Hulk
Favorite hobbies: Lifting weights, Guitars, guns, big dogs, reading and Kim
I would never: Let my sisters eat the last piece of cake
Who makes you laugh the most: definitely my grandkids and Bill Murray… but the grandkids win by a hair
One wish for the world: That everyone had a personal passionate relationship with Jesus
Sad moments: Realizing how few people share Christ with the lost and dying world
Favorite saying: Cancer free
Best meal ever: Kim’s blueberry cheesecake with family
Most thankful for: My incredible and unbelievable parents who loved Jesus daily in front of me
The last thing you lost: My breath… I am asthmatic
Biggest regret: not learning Spanish in high school
What keeps you up at night: Sometimes it’s as simple as paper or plastic but usually it is “did I do enough for Jesus today”
If I could live anywhere: Anywhere with family or at least the grandkids and Kim
My mission: light everyone on fire for Jesus. Tell the world of his love for them and heal, preach, deliver and promote the gospel
Your gifting bio: Leading, preaching, teaching, creativity and a mean 80’s guitar solo
Favorite bible book: Ephesians
Favorite bible translation: NLT
Favorite bible verse: Romans 8:35-39
Favorite bible hero: Daniel
Stranded on a desert island and can only take 5 things: Kim, Bible, machete, Marley (my Rottweiler) and Kings X CD “out of the silent planet”

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